Betty Lark Ross (thephotochick)

Betty Lark Ross loves using a camera to explore, document and create. Ms. Ross has been teaching photography at The Latin School of Chicago for over thirty years. Annually she travels with students to photograph in visually stunning locations. She has lead student tours to Cambodia, Turkey, Mexico, Europe, Tanzania, Japan, Korea, and a variety of places in the United States. She is a Past President of PIEA, The Photo Imaging Education Association.

"I enjoy supporting and fostering creativity. As an artist/teacher I am dedicated to a constant search for inspiration, gaining understanding, and mastery of technology and techniques. I am passionate about making art, having fun, and sharing with others to increase options and opportunitys for learning and enhancing quality of life. I find photographing and the photograph equally exciting. My work is a creative collision. I quest for the magical moments of visual seduction, creative play, and the magic of light at night. I delight in sensationalized reality and the regalia of civilization both past and present intrigue me. I search for capturing exquisite moments in time. I believe what I choose to photograph is visual pleasure. I hope you agree.”

Some photos are available for purchase through this site. Photographs are professionally custom-printed on archival-grade Kodak Professional paper. All photographs are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.

Betty Lark Ross can be reached Archival prints of some images are available upon request.

PS. The fire troupe that I love photographing are called Pyrotechniq. You can find more information about them at They are part of the Chicago Fire Tribe. I also photographed some fire spinners called Festiflam( in Montpellier, France during June 2008.

See the video we made for the A1 Sing For Your Beef Contest. Too bad we missed the deadline.